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2020-21 Enrollment

Private tutoring online...math with Mr. Casey

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What is CollegeTrek Online?

CollegeTrek Online is a college and career readiness virtual afterschool program for students in grades 3-12 in the South Los Angeles area. The program held at our youth center at 91st and Western went online in March due to the pandemic.

What do we offer?

Homework assistance, diagnostics and private tutoring in math and English language arts (ELA) and more, are held on Zoom at no cost, thanks to our donors


Classes including robotics, Minecraft, singing, world languages and culture with cooking, Teen Talk, and more are held during our afterschool hours, Mon-Fri, 2-7:30pm.

Click here for our program and tutor schedules.

How do you register?

Click here to complete our registration form. We will contact you to confirm your enrollment. Feel free to follow up.

What is private tutoring?
Students will meet one-on-one with a tutor for 45 minutes per session. Students can receive up to three sessions per week. Tutors can help with homework and/or use the online math and ELA lessons created by i-Ready.

What is i-Ready?
All private tutoring students complete our i-Ready diagnostics in math and/or ELA to obtain a study plan based on their strengths and challenges. The study plan includes online lessons that adapt to student needs. Students will receive their own i-Ready account login and can work with their tutor or on their own.

What if they took i-Ready at school?

If your student has already completed the i-Ready diagnostics at their school, contact our office at (323) 756-7203 to discuss the options. Teachers must give permission for tutors to access the school accounts to help students avoid having to take the tests again at the center.


For more information, call our associate director Christelle Telesford at (323) 756-7203. Click on Contact above to email.

Wooten Family Orientation

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