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2020-21 Enrollment
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Private tutoring online...math with Mr. Casey

What is CollegeTrek?

Our CollegeTrek Afterschool Program provides college and career prep activities for students in grades 3-12 in the South Los Angeles area. The program held at our youth center at 91st and Western went online in March 2020 in response to the pandemic.

Educational support services, including homework assistance, private tutoring and more, are held on Zoom at no cost, thanks to our donors.


Wooten Center buildings could continue to be closed as long as social distancing and other precautions are needed.

What do we offer?

Activities include private tutoring in math and English language arts (ELA) and homework study groups for up to 45 minutes per session, World Languages and Culture with Cooking, robotics, singing, virtual playground and more are offered during our afterschool hours, Mon-Fri, 2-7:30pm. 

How do you register?

Click here to complete our registration form. We will contact you to confirm your enrollment. Click here for our schedule.

What are private tutoring and homework study groups?
Parents with confirmed enrollment will be provided with a link to the booking forms to schedule the 45-minute sessions for private tutoring and homework study groups. Until more tutors are confirmed, students can receive up to two private tutoring sessions and two study group sessions per week.


The private sessions are one-on-one with a tutor. The groups are with a tutor and other students in the same age group. Homework assistance and tutoring in math and English language arts are available in both sessions.

What is i-Ready?

i-Ready provides online diagnostics in reading and math and online lessons in the two subjects based on student results. All students must either complete the i-Ready diagnostics with our tutors or provide an email from their teacher providing their i-Ready results and confirming we can use the student's school account for tutoring after school.


i-Ready provides adaptive learning based on student strengths and challenges. We use their online lessons in our private tutoring. Testing or access to lessons are required. If teachers will not give permission due to their restrictions, the student will have to take the diagnostics again at the center.


For more information, call our associate director Christelle Telesford at (323) 756-7203. Click on Contact above to email.


Please remind your students to never give their phone, email or address to anyone online without your permission, even people they trust. Should anyone ask for this information, tell them to say, "Ask my parent."