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Wooten Champions

We need your help to recruit volunteers, partners, and donors of funds or in-kind gifts like Christmas toys.

Go to our Supporters page for details on each opportunity to give.

Here's five ways you can help:

1. Hover over the badge to download the image.

2. Share it on your social media page(s).

3. Share why you are a champion for our youth center.

4. Ask your friends to visit for more info on being a volunteer, partner, or donor.

5. Share our hashtag #wootenchampions to let us see your post!

To discuss more ways that you can support our youth, click on Contact to send an email to our executive director Naomi McSwain or call her on our office phone at (323) 756-7203.

Thank you for being a Wooten Champion!

Here's some sample text to share with your friends:

I’m a Wooten Champion because...

I encourage you to support the Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center's work by being a volunteer, partner or donor. For more info, visit Thanks for your support! #wootenchampions

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