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Alums: Where are they now?

Tizzi Green June 2020.JPG

Very proud of Wooten alum Takia "Tizzi" Green and her newly released work "Word Warriors III" featuring Malcolm Jamal-Warner and other poets

Takia "Tizzi" Green

Word Warriors III is a social documentary about the state of black men in America as told through their voices, through spoken word. Since 2012, Wooten alum writer and co-director Tizzi Green has been working to present what people are today hearing on every corner through a multitude of protests in the wake of George Floyd's death.


The documentary features Amiri Baraka, Malcolm Jamal-Warner and more. It was shot in part at the Wooten Center and closes with video of our students and staff and testimonials from other adult alums.

The film was released on Friday, June 19, Juneteenth. Watch it and discuss it with a friend!

Thank you, Tizzi, for your deep devotion for the center and kids and for your love for peace and justice. Amen.

Rentals and hard copies are available at:

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Sling TV
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"I would not be where I am without the love, guidance, and support of the Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center." 

Takia "Tizzi" Green / Wooten alum



Calmatic in an Oct 2021 episode of "The Canvas: LA" on Fuse TV about local artists. The episode was filmed in part at the center.

The video is from our Virtual Viewing Party featuring students, staff and parents and producers Salvador Rios and Robert Campagna discussing the 30-minute documentary and career opportunities for youth.

Charles "Calmatic" Kidd, Jr.

Wooten Center alum Calmatic AKA Charles Kidd II is director of the hit video Old Town Road featuring Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus. Calmatic won a Grammy for "Best Music Video" in 2020 for his creation. As of October 2021, he is completing his first movie project as director of a reboot of the popular "House Party" franchise, formerly featuring Kid 'n Play. 

Click here for Calmatic's story, including his time at the center, as told in the Los Angeles Times.


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