Wooten Dollar Store

Gift cards! Electronics! Games and more!

We gave Wooten Dollars at our youth center as rewards for service and performance. We’re doing it now online.

Our Wooten Dollar Store opens on Sat, Aug 1. It will close that day at 8pm. Amazon will mail the gifts to your home.

How many Wooten Dollars can I earn?
* On time for class...2
* Attend whole class...3
* Good job in class...5
* Great job in class...10

* Participate in Summer Showcase on July 30...100



* Choose your gift(s) up to your total Wooten Dollars. Your total will be given to you on July 30.

* Hover over the pictures to get the gift names and Wooten Dollar costs. Put the name(s) in the order form below.

* Complete and submit the Order Form below. Amazon will mail your gift(s) to you in about 3-7 business days. Enjoy!

For more information, call (323) 756-7203.

Great job!

Order Form


Please submit one form per student.